Net Infusion Kits

Auxiliary kits, infusion, pre-bag or any other kit you might  devise to improve your production performance, we think it up and we do it for you.

Auxiliary kits ready for use. Infusion, pre-bag or any kind of kit for improving manufacture processes. Incom vacuum and infusion kits contain all necessary elements as in-profiles, sealant barrier, coatings, vacuum bag, perforated films, etc.Kits according to mould shapes, reducing cycle time, improving lay-up and increasing proper handling.


  • Engineering design full adjusted and tested.

  • Approved raw materials and under traceability control.

  • Response in the molding time is known and under control.

  • Quality is stable. Good starting point in lamination.

  • Standardization of manufacture process makes easy training.

  • Known and reasonable cost, always under control.

  • Very low inventory cost.

  • Simple and 100% workable JIT design.

  • Ability to adapt to local methodologies without losing the global standard.

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